Louisa Fernanda

Louisa Fernanda


  • Height
    5 ft 4 in / 163 cm
  • Brand
    WM Doll
  • Bra Size : H cup
  • Bust : 37.8 in / 96cm
  • Waist : 26.6 in / 67.5cm
  • Hips : 44.5 in / 113cm
  • Underbust : 27.2 in / 69cm
  • Foot Length : 8.3 in / 21cm
  • Leg Length : 29.5 in / 75cm
  • Arm Length : 27.2 in / 69cm
  • Shoulder Width : 16.5 in / 42cm
  • Weight : 111 lbs / 50.5kg

Love Holes

  • Vaginal Depth : 7.1 in / 18cm
  • Anal Depth : 6.3 in / 16cm
  • Oral Depth : 4.7 in / 12cm
  • Materials TPE with a Metal Skeleton

- +
  • Description

    Real TPE 163cm ( 5ft 3 ) Bbw & Life Like & Teen Sex Dolls: Louisa - H Cup WM Doll

    My name is Fernanda. I am 25. I’ m very lonely and bored right now… I would go through the streets slack-jawed! I love sex very much. Do you want fuck me today or tomorrow ?

    Doll Name: Louisa, Standing at 163cm ( 5ft 3 ) With H cup, She has a Athletic Body with TPE Sex Dolls & Design By WM Doll

    Custom Options Info


    Please select your desired amount of pubic hair from bold to heavy hair, we have 4 options for you to choose from, there is an extra cost for pubic hair of $50 due to the amount of workmanship and materials. We have selected by default "Bold Vagina" so you will receive you doll with no hair unless you select otherwise.


    Please select your desired feet type, we have standing or none standing option, if you plan to have your doll in standing up positions or poses then standing is a good option, there is an extra fee of $75 for this standing doll option. We have selected by default "None Standing" so you will receive none standing unless you select otherwise.


    Please select your desired shoulder option, you can select from shrugging or none shrugging shoulders, There is an extra fee of $75 for shrugging shoulders, We have selected by default "No Shrugging" so you will that option unless you select otherwise.


    Please select if you would like an body heating system for your doll, this is an electrical heating system thats plugs in to warm your dolls body up to body temperature for that extra like life feeling. There is an extra fee of $120 for this option. We have selected by default "No Thanks" so you will not receive the heating system unless you select otherwise.


    Please select if you would like a storage hook to hang your doll up when you store her away, this is a very convenient method of storage. There is an extra fee of $30 for this option. We have selected by default "No Thanks" so you will not receive the hook / hanging set unless you select otherwise.


    The ultimate carry and flight case, this is a very safe and convenient method of storage and transportation for your doll. There is an extra fee of $280 for this option. We have selected by default "No Thanks" you will not receive the Flight case unless you select otherwise an your doll will arrive in standard packaging.


    Customer Reviews

    Awesome first time purchase. Anastasia is lovely and realistic. Almost like a piece of art in my house.
    Review by Jian SUN (Posted on 8/10/2019)
    Beautiful doll from 4S doll store! Does not smell like chemistry and makes an extremely well processed impression. The face and body bear witness to many small beautiful details. The TPE feels great! Thank you for the very great service. Nice advice and permanent accessibility. Thanks 4S doll store!
    Review by Rafael Ramos (Posted on 8/7/2019)
    First and only adult men's toy I have ever purchased and I am really impressed. It is easy to use, gives great stimulation,If you have not tried this product your missing out.
    Review by Ken Roberts (Posted on 8/5/2019)
    It felt incredibly realistic and was very enjoyable I couldn't be more satisfied. I would recommend this product because the price wasn't to expensive and it arrived on time. Other then that it was great!
    Review by Wadud Karim (Posted on 7/6/2019)
    It has virtually no odor and looks and feels like a real girl, or as close as it can be.
    Review by Juan T. (Posted on 7/4/2019)

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